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Final check of your Johku

Final check of your Johku

Everything's been tuned up and you're wondering if it's all there. Stop pondering and let our experts check.

The service includes

  • Checking your store settings

  • Communications review

  • Review of payment methods

  • Review of the point of sale settings

  • Product review

  • Checking the integrity of the purchase process

  • Suggestions for improvement

  • Johkun implementation training (2 h, distance learning)

The review will examine all setting against default settings, and make recommendations and suggestions for improvement based on these. For example, if you want to check the pricing and availability of a product, you should provide the target situation (pricing and availability).  

Cost of the service

The cost of the service is €299 (VAT 0%) and includes the review of three products. The introductory training will go through the review of new products.

The review can be carried out quickly. If the product specifications have been provided for the review and the review detects a discrepancy, the product will be corrected to the desired state.

The applicable VAT will be added to the price.

Ordering a service

Order the service from above by selecting your preferred delivery date and confirm your order. We will then be in touch to discuss your case in more detail. You will also receive specifications for the material to be supplied.

Ask more!

If you have any questions about Johku Kickstart, you can contact Ilkka at ilkka@johku.com or +358503768855.